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I absolutely love the Carousel and Dragon Hollow. They are a very nice addition to Downtown Missoula. You have the nicest staff and employees. My niece and nephews were here from California last summer. They had so much fun spending the day in Missoula and at the Carousel. In fact, they are coming back to Montana for Christmas here in a few weeks or so. I guess that means Uncle Jared will have to go get some tokens for them. Thanks so very much for being an absolutely wonderful part of Downtown Missoula!!!

– Jared L. Kuykendall | November 19, 2009

Well for a Mid February Birthday party for kids I could not recommend a better place…my son is about to have his 4th birthday and this is his 2nd party at the Carousel. He just absolutely loves it and it makes his birthday very special. Staff is always very helpful. I don’t know what we will do when he is too big for the carousel, that would be if there is such a thing, parents and grandparents even get into it…it is lots of fun for all ages.

– Angel | January 22, 2011

I just took my first ride on the carousel on September 4, 2011 and it was really neat. It goes rather fast and the ornate decorations are the bomb. Recommended to anyone who visits Missoula. The ride lasts about two and a half minutes.

– Woody

Last year when the National Carousel Association had their convention in Spokane, Washington our tour took us to your carousel twice and it was one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen. It has been my dream to create a similar project in my own community. Your carousel is truly an inspiration and Paint is one of the most magnificent steeds I’ve ever ridden! He is truly a trailblazer in the world of original carousel art! Please tell me how I can order a copy of your new DVD! I’d like to thank you for all your help and information so far. I may not have an actual carousel yet but I’ve been creating several quilts to raise funds for my own carousel project. Looking forward to returning someday!

– Margaret Franklin

This email is for the pony keepers and all the friends of A Carousel Missoula…I have recently created a Travel Bug named JT’s Finger that will be released to travel where ever it gets a ride… I’ve asked those people who find it to drop a note here. If you’re interested in finding out about JT’s Finger and its travels check out http://www.geocaching.com and type TB4WWGR into the search.

Bon Voyage JT’s Finger! Enjoy your adventure!

– Renda Greene

I was first introduced to a Carousel for Missoula in 2010 when I visited my brother and his wife in Hamilton, Montana. I returned to Hamilton in 2011 and had to visit the Carousel again. This year I returned to Hamilton with my daughter and two granddaughters and we all had a ride on A Carousel for Missoula. It is a wonderful attraction and I am so glad I found it. My family love the Carousel and hope to return one day to ride it again. Best of luck for the future and thank you for the lovely times I have had riding.

– Kay Poole

I finally got to see the Carousel after being intrigued by it for many years. It’s amazing and the talent of the volunteers is evident everywhere that you turn. Is there a way to order the DVD documentary about the carousel and how may I contact the Pony Keepers? I found an embroidered patch of the Pony Keepers of Missoula in the gift shop but I did not, regrettably, purchase one at the time. Is there any way that I can buy one now?? May the magic of the carousel carry on for many, many more generations!

– tizzer88jiggs

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